How 3D Virtual Tours are revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry


Real estate photograph from the demo 3D Matterport virtual tour

Would you believe me if I tell you that one of my clients sold a property in a matter of 48 hours thanks to the technology of 3D Virtual Tours? Indeed, one of my clients that mostly works the west Pembroke Pines area hired me to scan a property, take pictures and do a video to help him showcase and market the property online. It was a beautiful property located in a well-known community in the Pembroke Pines area. Two days after the job was done and the results were delivered, the agent called me to give me the good news. He was now under contract on the property, interestingly to an out of state client that saw the 3D Virtual Tour on Zillow and was sold on the property. Yet, there are still many real estate agents that do not fully understand the great benefits technologies such as the 3D Virtual Tours can provide to their marketing strategy on their current and prospective listings.
As you are reading you may be wondering, what are the 3D Virtual Tours and why are they so special? Well, the 3D Virtual Tours are the result of a technology supported by a highly technological camera developed by a company called Matterport. Essentially, this camera allows you to scan a space, upload the content into a cloud and then share and proactively engage those who have access to this beautiful technology. This great tool has transformed the real estate industry, as it has closed the geographical gap when it comes to showcasing a property and can be considered an on-going open house as the link to access the 3D Virtual Tour is available 24/7. People from any part of the world using their phone, tablets, laptop or computer, can easily navigate a property and get a real sense and perspective of the listed property. As technology evolves, we must evolve as professionals and diversity ourselves in our to keep in the frontline of our competition. Real estate is a highly competitive field, stand out from the rest and embrace these technological resources that could lead you to great success on your current and prospective listings.

Here I share a link for you to access a virtual tour. ( Click Here )

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