Don’t make this mistake


This week I want to share with you an experience that reveals another side of the real estate business. As I have mentioned before, most of my clients are real estate agents. Yet, recently I was contacted by a For Sale By Owner to take pictures of his property. Through the conversation, this person shared that he did interview many real estate agents, but none of them delivered. He said that they came to the meetings unprepared and without a clear perspective of the strategies that they would have used to market the property. He even said, that one of the agents started to take pictures of the property with his phone and that was when he decided that he could probably do a better job. This puts into perspective how clients have increased their expectations for real estate agents. Considering the plethora of resources available to market a property, real estate agents need to step up their game and get acquainted with the new marketing trends that have transformed the industry. Now clients have easy access to information, they can research and compare what is working for others sellers. I share this experience now to encourage and motivate real estate agents to work on their professional presentation. In this new era of technology, we need to provide clients with strategies that are going to be competitive. Because of access to information, this client of mine decided to contact me and had a very clear perspective of what he needed. To finalize this story, this For Sale By Owner was able to get an offer on the property over the weekend once it was posted. The property immediately placed number one in views, getting more traffic than all other listings in the area due to a combination of the real estate photos and Zillow Video that also moves the listings placement into the first spot on the property search. I encourage you to give yourself the opportunity to be the best real estate agent, to get equipped with great resources that will impress clients, colleagues and prospective clients. As a real estate photographer, I do not limit my services to just doing another photography job. Part of my goal is to help real estate agents to become trendsetters, to lead the way in visual presentation and to build a portfolio that wins them new listings.